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The City of Portland, Oregon

Development Services

From Concept to Construction

Phone: 503-823-7300


1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

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Q: How do I get into the FIR Program?

A: You must be an Oregon licensed building contractor, architect, or engineer. You must register by sending this registration form to  There may be a wait list to get into the program.

Q: Why is there a wait list to get into the FIR program?

A: FIR has a limited staff: 7 Senior Inspectors, a Permit Tech, and a Manager. We have to guarantee that our current FIR contractors receive a consistent level of customer service. The wait list allows us to evaluate work loads and manage staffing changes.

Q: Do I pay for trade permits separately?

A: No, trades are included on FIR permits.

Q: How do I add subcontractors to a FIR permit?

A: Your subcontractor will fill out an electrical, mechanical and/or plumbing permit application and submit with your plans. You will not receive final permit without these subcontractor forms.

Q: How will I know when a permit is issued?

A: Your Inspector will let you know or you can check on Portland Maps.

Q: When do I get my approved set of plans?

A: You can pick them up in person at our offices or arrange to have your FIR Inspector bring them to the first inspection.

Q: When do I pay permit fees?

A: FIR services (pre-construction consultations, pre-design meeting, plan review, inspections, and administrative duties) will be billed at an hourly rate. A one-hour minimum charge applies to all site visits. All inspections are charged a 12% state surcharge. Time billed includes travel time to and from City offices. Work performed at City offices will be billed to the nearest quarter hour. Participants in the FIR program will receive a monthly itemized billing invoice for each project. The terms of billing are net due upon receipt of the invoice and past due after 30 days. Some bureau review fees and SDC charges must be paid in the DSC permit center. Check DSC hours of operation.

Q: How do I schedule an inspection?

A: You will schedule directly with the FIR Inspector. Do not schedule any inspections through the IVR system.

Q: How do my subcontractors schedule an inspection?

A: FIR contractors must schedule inspections for their subcontractors

Q: How do I check for inspection results?

A: Portland Maps. Allow 24 hours.

Q: How do I make revisions?

A: Revisions can be made with the Inspector in the field or arrange with the Inspector to make revisions at the FIR office

Q: Can I pay invoices online?

A: Monthly FIR invoices can be paid online however bureau review charges and SDC must be paid in person in the DSC.