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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

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COVID-19 Response - Service Level Update

SERVICE UPDATE (en español)
May 26, 2020


Update for Week of May 25, 2020

The Bureau of Development Services is committed to protecting public health during the COVID-19 emergency. We have moved most of our service delivery online to keep projects and construction moving while the Development Services Center is temporarily closed to walk-in customers. We will keep this section of our website updated with the latest news.

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You'll find information, such as these videos that talk about our adapted services during the COVID-19 emergency:
Permit Center Operations

What's New for the Week of May 25

We thank you for your patience during this extraordinary time.


Many of our services are available to you online. You can submit your plans electronically (see below). Using Development Hub PDX, you can apply online for electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permits that do not require plan review. You can also schedule inspections for trade permits obtained online, pay a variety of fees (including Commercial and Residential building permits in 'Application' and ‘approved to issue’ status!) and download billing statements all from a computer or mobile device. BDS also offers a Remote Video Re-inspection service for simple on-site inspections involving minor corrections.

Process for Receiving Permits and Plan Review Priorities

Our staff can accept your electronic plans and get started on our review process via scheduled appointments while the Permit Center is temporarily closed to the public. Appointments consist of uploading plans through a secure link and are not in-person meetings. Applicants must upload a completed permit application along with all submittal materials.

To schedule an appointment to submit your plans electronically (one permit per appointment), or for general questions, please email or call 503-823-7300 and leave a message that includes the following information that is necessary for setting up an appointment:

  1. Applicant's name
  2. Applicant's phone number
  3. Applicant’s email address
  4. Description of work
  5. Project’s address
  6. Permit number or IVR number if available

Calls will be returned as soon as possible, or you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. We ask that you please do not call and send an email as it can cause staff to book multiple appointments for the same customer. We are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails. Please wait at least a week before sending a follow up call or email. Contact us if you cannot create electronic plans and we will work with you. We continue to refine our procedures so please check back for updates.

BDS continues to accept permit applications for projects in all Tiers (1 through 7):

Tier Project Types
  • Hospitals and clinics responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Essential infrastructure and services such as heat
  • Shelters and transitional housing projects
  • Essential facilities such as the PDX terminal upgrades and BES wastewater treatment plant
  • Fire escape testing
  • Projects that are working with BDS Process Management/Major Projects Group
  • Wireless facilities that are subject to Federal Communications Commission timeline requirements
  • City infrastructure and facilities projects not covered by Tier 1
  • Food supply related projects essential to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Submittals associated with projects that have an issued building permit and are under construction (this includes revisions, deferred submittals, and HVAC and electrical trade permits). This is to allow active job sites to continue to function and move these construction projects toward completion.
  • Portland Housing Bureau affordable housing projects that are not working with BDS Process Management/Major Projects Group
  • Empowered Community Projects (Small Business Empowerment, Arts Empowerment, Empowered Neighborhoods)
  • New single family residential (NSFR) permits
  • Demolition permits that are a requirement of an active Land Use case or are associated with development of a new structure on the same site
  • Commercial and residential new construction, alterations, and additions that are not listed in any of the above tiers (The plan sets for these submittals must not exceed 20 pages and must be submitted as a PDF via an intake appointment. Commercial projects consisting of more than 20 pages may qualify for submittal via ProjectDox.)
  • Mechanical permits that require plan review.
  • Permits for all other projects, Zoning Permits, etc.

If you have questions about which tier your project might belong to, please email or call 503-823-7300 and leave a message, and a staff member will respond at their earliest opportunity.

Submitting Corrections

Corrections to permits currently Under Review are being accepted in the format originally submitted to the City.

Permits with reviews in progress cannot be checked out at this time. Prior to contacting Permitting Services to schedule an appointment to submit corrections, please check to ensure all reviews are complete. For real-time updates, please call the BDS General Line at 503-823-7000 and select Option 4 for an immediate permit status fax.

Paper Corrections

  • Permitting Services will accept checksheet corrections of updated plans, along with completed checksheet response forms. To pick up plans to make corrections to, or to drop off corrected plans, please call 503-823-7357 and leave a message, including your permit or IVR number, the first and last name of the person picking up/dropping off the plans, and their phone number. Omitting the permit or IVR number will result in a delay to setting up an appointment time. BDS asks that customers submit checksheet responses to as many reviews as possible with each submittal.
  • If your plans require corrections or updates as noted on checksheets, please take your plans off-site and update them according to these instructions.

Single PDF Corrections

Approved to Issue

Paper Plans

  • To pick up “Approved to Issue” plans, please call 503-823-7357 and leave a message including your permit or IVR number, the first and last name of the person picking up the plans including their phone number.

Electronic Plans

  • You will be contacted by Permitting Services Technician with instructions on how to download your approved set of plans, inspection card, and supplemental documents.

Please remember, if you need to pick up or drop off plans in the lobby at the Development Services Center, located at 1900 SW Fourth Avenue, including plans that need to be taken off-site and updated, please follow the instructions listed above.

For the latest information on the availability of other services at BDS, please click on the links below:

  1. Facility Permit Programs and Field Issuance Remodel Programs
  2. Inspections
  3. Land Use Services
  4. Questions about Property, Projects and Records
  5. Trade Permits
  6. Payments
  7. Property Compliance - Enforcement and Liens
  8. Permitting and Inspections Services from Other Bureaus


Click here to view the FPP Service Update • Click here to view the FIR Service Update


Residential and Commercial

Residential and Commercial permit-related inspections will continue to be scheduled through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Please call 503-823-7000 to schedule an inspection. We are conducting some inspections remotely using Skype and Facetime.

NOTE: If there is anyone exhibiting signs of illness at the inspection site, we ask that customers wait to schedule their inspection until at least 72 hours after symptoms have passed. *Click here for Important Information regarding current RESIDENTIAL Inspection Procedures.

Inspections will be performed as scheduled on:

  • New construction (structure must be vacated of personnel during Inspection)
  • Tenant improvements where access into the occupied structure is not required
  • Occupied condos where the customer can provide inspection access using Facetime or Skype


Land Use Reviews

Click here for the Land Use Services homepage.

Land Use Review and Final Plat applications can be emailed to Please note that land use review applications that are emailed after 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or on weekends or holidays, will be identified as "received" on the following business day. A Land Use Services technician will contact you within 3-4 business days with instructions for providing payment for emailed applications. All land use review and final plat applications must have documents broken up into the following separate documents:

  1. Application form and Written Narrative (the application form must be unlocked and able to be edited. Digital signatures are not required. An application will not be identified as “received” until it is unlocked);
  2. Plans (site plans, elevations and drawings, surveys);
  3. Technical Reports; and
  4. Other.

Additional Information:

  • There will be no intake appointments held for land use review applications associated with Radio Frequency (RF) facilities. Instead, applicants should submit those applications to
  • To respond to an Incomplete Letter, applicants should email all materials to the assigned planner.
  • Land Use Review appeal forms can be emailed to A Land Use Services technician will contact you with instructions for providing payment for emailed appeals.

Early Assistance and Other Applications

Early assistance and other Land Use Services applications (such as zoning verification map, zoning confirmation letters, property line adjustment, lot confirmation, etc.) can be emailed to A Land Use Services technician will contact you within 3-4 business days with instructions for providing payment for emailed applications. Early Assistance applications can now be submitted for online Microsoft Teams meetings. Please use the new Early Assistance Application form located on the BDS website. A Land Use Services technician will contact you after payment has been made to discuss scheduling an online meeting, if that option was selected.

Mural Permits

MU permit applications are being accepted and applicants can follow the process already outlined on the BDS website at this link. While applicants cannot visit the Development Services Center to get information about original art murals, they can contact Kristin Cooper (503-823-7547) or Brandon Rogers (503-823-7597).


  • Customers should continue to call the Zoning Hotline (503) 823-7526, and email zoning questions through the City’s website. You will be contacted by a planner in 1-2 business days.
  • Staff are continuing to work remotely and can return calls about permits, land use reviews or other applications currently under review within 1-2 business days if customers reach out to the assigned planner. Assigned planners can be viewed through


Walk-in services for questions have been temporarily suspended. Questions about projects and property will be taken in via phone and email – see our Contact Us page and our Questions/Feedback page.

Applications for preliminary fire and life safety meetings are still being accepted; however, in-person meetings are not being scheduled at this time. Options may be available to conduct meetings through teleconferencing or video conferencing. Please mention this in your request.

Please use GOVQA for requesting records.

5. TRADE PERMITS (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, septic)

Trade Permits can be submitted as follows:

  • Via the Development Hub PDX (online customer portal); and
  • By emailing completed applications to
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
    • Minor Mechanical Label Application & completed books/logs
    • Commercial Reroof/Inspection Program application
    • A-board
  • For Electrical permits requiring plan review, click here. For process managed projects, please contact your PM directly.
  • For Mechanical permits requiring plan review, please call 503-823-7300 to schedule an appointment to upload your complete plan submittal through a shared link.

Onsite wastewater evaluation and permit applications may be submitted electronically at Questions may be directed to 503-823-6892.


Payments for Commercial and Residential Building Permits in approved-to-issue status can now be paid on Development Hub PDX!

Payments for trade permits can be made via the Development Hub PDX (DevHub, our online customer portal) or by calling 503-823-5161 between the hours of 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Payments for other development permits, such as Zoning Permits, Site Development Permits, and Development Review Permits, etc., can be made online via a private link that will be sent to customers by BDS staff.

Payments for Approved to Issue permits can be made by calling 503-823-5161 or in person by appointment only between the hours of 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. For RS or CO permits that need to pick up plans, please call 503-823-7357 to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: For FIR and FPP permit payment information/questions, please refer to the FIR website or the FPP website, OR call our FIR at 503-823-6691 or FPP at 503-823-5996. 


Click here for the Property Compliance homepage.

Important Announcement Regarding Waivers and Liens:

In response to the COVID-19 Health Emergency, we are applying a waiver to all active enforcement cases, and new cases, which have not yet begun receiving enforcement fees, in an effort to minimize negative impacts and additional stress for Portland property owners.

NOTE: Older, existing cases that were already receiving monthly billings for code enforcement fees prior to the COVID-19 outbreak will continue to receive invoices as this is an automated process through the Revenue Bureau; however, property owners are invited to submit a request for a Lien Reduction Review, once all violations have been corrected and the enforcement case is closed, in order to see if they may qualify for additional waivers or reductions.

For existing cases requesting formal lien reviews, we have also revised our current review process to provide additional reductions to lessen the financial impact for all property owners and most importantly homeowners.

Erosion Control and Demolition Inspections

BDS will be performing Erosion Control, and Demolition inspections for active permits at this time for vacant properties only, following social distancing requirements or performing remote video inspections using Facetime or Skype.

Compliance and Enforcement Inspections

Other enforcement inspections will be performed on a limited basis as follows:

  • Zoning and Nuisance inspections: Exterior complaints only.
  • Dangerous Buildings, Violation Emergency Condition cases, and EDPEP cases: Inspections will be made only if the property is vacant, if we can maintain the mandatory social distancing of 6 feet or if we can perform the inspection via remote video through Facetime, or Skype, etc.
  • Emergency Violation cases: New and existing cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if we are able to provide services in compliance with social distancing criteria.
  • Housing Cases: For New Cases, we are only inspecting critical and emergency issues at this time, performing inspections via remote video through Facetime, or Skype, etc. to comply with social distancing criteria. For existing cases we are only inspecting exterior conditions or limited interior repairs if able to perform inspection via remote video through Facetime, or Skype, etc. to comply with social distancing criteria.

Submitting Complaints

All complaints will be accepted and reviewed. All non-critical, non-health related and non-emergency cases will be inspected after Governor Brown’s Executive Order is lifted and our office returns to normal activities.


Bureau of Environmental Services:

Right-of-Way (ROW) UR & UC Permits (Lateral Repairs and Sewer Connections):

  • Email completed applications to In the email subject line, state the number of applications, your company name and date sent (for example: “3 Apps – SewerFixers – March 23”). Provide a clear description of ROW permit work, contractor CCB license number, PBOT Insurance and Bond Numbers (from PBOT Utility Permitting:
  • Wait for BES to respond to your application. More information or coordination with other City bureaus may be needed. Once your permit is approved to issue, BES will email you IVR#s to pay at Development Hub PDX.
  • After paying, you must reply to BES (in same email chain with your IVRs) confirming that you have paid. BES will then email your issued permits so you can start work. PBOT ROW Inspection contact information will be on the issued permits.

Expect BES UR and UC permit processing to take 5-7 days or more.

Note: BES ROW Trades is not reviewing or forwarding PT applications with, or for, private property work. Submit separate PT applications to BDS:

Portland Fire & Rescue:

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office: For questions about a property or project, please call 503-823-3712 or email to
  • Permit-related inspections will continue and can be scheduled online or via phone at 503-823-1199. If there is anyone exhibiting signs of illness at the inspections site, please wait to schedule the inspection.
  • Questions: Please call 503-823-3770 or for permit-related or fire inspection questions.

Parks & Recreation (Urban Forestry):

Regarding tree permitting, tree emergency response, and tree management in Portland:

  • Tree emergency response for public roads and City properties continues.
  • Tree planting, establishment, and other maintenance activities remain high service priorities.
  • All tree permitting applications are being accepted and processed as outlined below:
    • While the Permit Center is closed, applications are accepted via DevHub or by mail.
    Same Day Permits replaces Urban Forestry permits that can be issued over the counter without an on-site inspection. Applications must be complete and an email received prior to 2PM Monday through Friday.
  • Urban Forestry community outreach and education programs are available online at our Get Involved page. For those searching for research projects or ideas, please email

Please submit permit applications through DevHub or via mail:

Mailing Address
PP&R Urban Forestry Division
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 5000
Portland, OR 97201

For questions, please contact Urban Forestry by:

Calling the Tree Hotline: 503-823-TREE (8733)

Web alerts are available here.

Portland Bureau of Transportation:

The Multimodal Incentive Fee exemption for affordable housing sunsets on June 30, 2020 – see the Transportation Fee Schedule for the current affordable housing multimodal incentive fee rate and check-out more info on the sunset of the exemption and the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Requirements for commercial/ mixed use and multi-dwelling zone projects on the program website.

If you have questions, please email:

Temporary Street Use Permitting: For information about temporary street use permits (the temporary closure of a street, lane, or sidewalk, and parking reservations), please visit

Portland Water Bureau:

Fee statement requests: We continue to accept fee statement requests through the usual process – email a completed W-6 form to with the words “fee statement request” and the site address in the subject line.

Turnaround time will be 3-5 business days in most circumstances. You will be notified if the expected turnaround time will be longer.

Payment of Fee Statements:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are no longer able to process payments made directly to the Water Bureau.

We will now take payments only online through DevHub or, by phone at the BDS Cashier (call 503-823-5161).

  • If you already have received a fee statement from the Water Bureau, please contact us at to request a unique IVR number that will allow you to make a payment through DevHub.
  • If you are requesting a new fee statement, we will automatically create and send you the unique IVR number that will allow you to make a payment through DevHub.

DevHub accepts credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as electronic check/ACH transfers.

Installation of Services:

Water Bureau crews are continuing to install services but are operating with a reduced workforce. Please allow additional time for your service installation to be completed.

After your fee statement has been paid, you can schedule your installation by emailing our Scheduling group at (or calling 503-823-1526).

Water Utility Locates:

Water Bureau locators are continuing to provide locate services but are operating with a reduced workforce. Please allow additional time for the requested locates to be completed.

To request locates, please dial 811, the Oregon Utility Notification Center (OUNC). If you have an urgent need for Water locates, please email us at and describe your situation.

Permit-Related updates from other bureaus will be added here as we receive them.


The City of Portland is committed to providing meaningful access. For accommodations, modifications, translation, interpretation or other services, please call 503-823-7300, the TTY at 503-823-6868 or the Oregon Relay Service: 711. Traducción e interpretación | Chuyển Ngữ hoặc Phiên Dịch
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