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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

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Electrical Inspections Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I, as a homeowner or a member of the homeowner’s immediate family, do electrical work on a residential property?

Answer: It depends on your answer to the following questions which are based on Oregon Law, under Oregon Revised Statues, ORS 479.540 Electrical Safety Law: 

    • YES if it is a single family residence that you own and occupy, and will live in for 6 months after final approval.

    • NO

       If it is a residential property you own, but are using as a rental property; or
       If it is a residential property you own, but intend to rent, sell, lease or exchange; or
       If it is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU); or
       If a friend or tenant is doing the electrical work on your residential property 

Question: For Electrical Permits, when do I call for inspection and in what order?
Answer: Rough-in inspections are needed once wiring has been installed; all splices are completed, prior to installing the devices or covering the installation with finishes.

After rough-in approval, finishes are installed and all devices/fixtures are installed and functioning. Please then request a Final Inspection.

Question: Do I need to be home for the inspection?
Answer: An adult (18 years or older) is required to be present at the site for inspection if the property is occupied or has belongings inside per City policy.