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Improved Corrosion Control Project

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Improvements are underway to further reduce lead in drinking water levels at customer taps. No later than April 2022, Portland Water Bureau will have improved treatment facilities to make Portland’s water less corrosive to lead and other metals found in home and building plumbing in Portland.

Portland’s Improved Corrosion Control Treatment will use sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide (CO2) to:

  • Increase pH. Water with a higher pH is less acidic, or corrosive. This will result in less lead and other metals leaching from building plumbing into drinking water. The pH of Portland’s water will increase from 8.2 to 8.5.

  • Increase alkalinity. Alkalinity, or hardness, is the level of minerals in the water. Increased alkalinity improves the stability of the pH, which increases the effectiveness of treatment. The improved corrosion control will increase the alkalinity of Bull Run water to 25mg/L.

Until the Improved Corrosion Control Treatment is in place, Portland will continue the Lead Hazard Reduction Program to reduce exposure to all sources of lead and take interim actions to further protect public health from lead in drinking water.

Project Schedule

Learn about major activities needed to plan, design, and construct the new corrosion control plant.

Reducing Lead Exposure

Learn more about corrosion control to reduce risk of lead exposure.

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Bull Run Treatment Projects

Over the next 10 years, the Portland Water Bureau will be making two major treatment changes to the Bull Run.