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Tree & Vegetation Mitigation & Removal

Tree Mitigation & RemovalTree and vegetation mitigation and removal related to the project is scheduled to occur September to early-October 2016

Trees and vegetation are being removed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Room to move equipment in/out
  • Trees’ proximity to the construction zone
  • The building of the new underground reservoir and shoring walls
  • Removal of ailing trees
  • Removal of trees that would be severely damaged during construction
  • Removal of non-native/invasive species trees

Approximately 209 trees will be removed from in and around the site.

  • None of the trees are old-growth
  • 40 trees (19 percent) to be removed are non-native/invasive species trees
  • 80 (47 percent) of the healthy, non-invasive trees will be used in river restoration projects in the Sandy River Basin. These projects will help create pool habitat, increase cover, and improve spawning beds for migrating, spawning, and rearing fish populations.

Certain trees will be mitigated and fenced for protection. Some of the tree’s root balls within the project limit will be left in the soil for stability.

After construction is completed, the Water Bureau has committed to plant 20 percent more trees and shrubs than required.

For additional information, access the Tree Protection, Preservation, and Removal Plan.