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PRK-2.02 - Street Tree Ornamental Lighting Guidelines and Permit Fees

Binding City Policy

Link to Exhibit A  (PDF Document, 28 kb)
Link to Exhibit B  (PDF Document, 28 kb)
Section 1.  The Council finds:
1.  Ornamental lighting in street trees in an important and identifying characteristic of some of the business districts in Portland . The presence of ornamental lights in City trees has steadily increased over the past ten years. A citywide policy directing proper installation, use, and maintenance of ornamental lights in City trees is needed to protect the City’s green infrastructure.
2.  The Tree Lighting Task Force was formed in October 2005 to recommend a citywide policy for street tree lighting. The task force developed policy guidelines for affixing ornamental lighting in trees which have been approved by the Urban Forestry Commission.
3.  Section 20.40.070F of the City Code provides that Council may establish, by ordinance, inspection fees as part of the tree permit process.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:
a)  All ornamental lights in street trees will be installed and maintained substantially in conformance with the Tree Lighting Task Force policy guidelines for affixing ornamental lighting in trees attached as Exhibit A .
b)  The fee for a street tree ornamental lighting permit is $35.00 plus an additional charge depending on the number of trees covered by the permit substantially in conformance with the ornamental lighting permit fee structure attached as Exhibit B .
c)  This ordinance is binding City policy.

Ordinance No. 181144, passed by City Council July 18, 2007 and effective August 17, 2007.