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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.74.020 Form of Oath for Mayor, Commissioner, and City Auditor.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 168343 and 189635, effective August 31, 2019.)  The form of oath to be taken by the elected officials of the City, after receiving a certificate of election from the City Elections Officer and before entering upon the discharge of their duties, shall be substantially as follows:

I , (name), do solemnly (affirm or swear) that I will support the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Oregon and the Charter of the City of Portland and its laws; I will faithfully, honestly and ethically perform my duties as (Mayor/Commissioner/City Auditor); I have no undisclosed financial interest in any business located in Portland or having contracts with the City; I hold no other office or position of profit; and I am not a member of any committee of any political party.

Additional language may be added for ceremonial purposes but shall not be considered part of the official oath of office.