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The City of Portland, Oregon

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5.68.020 Personal Services Contracts.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 179802, 182213, 184427 and 187373, effective October 14, 2015.)

A.  This Chapter applies to City procurement of professional, technical and expert services.

B.  The following services, designated as Personal Services Contracts, are exempt from the selection process outlined in the City’s Professional, Technical and Expert Services Manual and can be made by direct appointment under this Chapter:

1.  Processing of any claim for workers' compensation benefits;

2.  Physician or medical personnel to determine any prospective or current City employee's ability to work or return to work;

3.  Determining any reasonable accommodation that may be made to any job classification in the City; and

4.  Veterinary physician, specialist, or medical personnel required to determine any prospective or current City-owned service animal’s ability to work or return to work, or providing general medical upkeep to a City-owned service animal;

5.  Performing artists, whether vocal, instrumental, or visual required by the City to provide a paid performance of their work for an audience determined by the City;

6.  A one-time payment or gratuity granted in recognition of a special service in which propriety or competitive selection process is not feasible and made without the giver recognizing themselves as having any liability or legal obligation for services;

7.  Golf Course Management Agreements (including concessions and club house operations) of a duration not to exceed five years for the parks under the jurisdiction of the City of Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreation.

8.  Modification by the licensor of intellectual property licensed to the City.

9.  The City Attorney’s retention of expert witnesses, consultants to assist the City Attorney’s Office in providing legal advice to the City, and outside legal counsel.  

C.  If any emergency as defined in the PTE Manual exists the Chief Procurement Officer may authorize selection of a contractor without following the requirements of this Chapter.

D.  If the services or expertise required for a project are only available from a “sole source” as defined in the PTE Manual, then the Chief Procurement Officer may authorize selection of a contractor without following these requirements.  

E.  The Chief Procurement Officer shall include all emergency and sole source contracts in periodic reports to the City Council.

F.  If professional, technical or expert services are required in conjunction with the acquisition of goods, services, public improvements, construction services or some combination thereof, the Chief Procurement Officer may permit the acquisition of such services through the provisions of Chapter 5.33 or 5.34 of this Code instead of this Chapter.