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17.33.110 Actions before the City Code Hearings Officer.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 185694 and 186902, effective December 26, 2014.)

A.  Code Compliance Hearings.  Any property owner who fails to comply with this Chapter or the Mandatory Sewer Connection or the Nonconforming Sewer Conversion Programs administrative rules (ENB-4.18 and ENB-4.27, respectively) may be summoned to code compliance hearing before the City Code Hearings Officer per Title 22.  The Code Hearings Officer is authorized to order compliance with City sewer connection regulations, including site entry to physically connect sewer systems.

B.  Property Owner-Initiated Appeals.  Property owners may initiate appeals to the Code Hearings Officer on the following BES decisions:

1.  The amount of connection charges and the methodology used to determine them.

2.  The 180-day sewer connection deadline.  BES may grant deadline extensions based on sewer availability and extenuating circumstances.

An appellant must pay a filing fee in the amount of the Code Hearing fee as part of the appeal request. If the Code Hearings Officer finds in favor or in partial favor of the appellant, BES will reimburse the appellant for the full amount of the fee, and send a check to the appellant via certified mail.