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The City of Portland, Oregon

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5.33.350 Reverse Auctions.

A.  Conditions for use. When the City determines that online Solicitation is an Advantageous Procurement method, a Contract may be entered into by competitive online Bidding, subject to the provisions of Competitive Sealed Bidding or Competitive Sealed Proposals.

B.  Offer process. The Solicitation must designate both an Opening date and time and a Closing date and time. The Closing date and time need not be a fixed point in time, but may remain dependant on a variable specified in the Solicitation. At the Opening date and time, the City must begin accepting real time Electronic Offers. The Solicitation must remain open until the Closing date and time. The City may require Offerors to register before the Opening date and time and, as a part of that registration, to agree to the terms, conditions, or other requirements of the Solicitation. Following receipt of the first Offer after the Opening date and time, the lowest Offer price or, if Proposals are accepted, the ranking of each Proposer, must be posted Electronically to the Internet and updated on a real time basis.  At any time before the Closing date and time, an Offeror may lower the price of its Offer or revise its Proposal except that after Opening date and time, an Offeror may not lower its price unless that price is below the then lowest Offer. Offer prices may not be increased after Opening. Except for Offer prices, Offers may be modified only as otherwise allowed by these rules or the Solicitation Document.  An Offer may be withdrawn only in compliance with these rules. If an Offer is withdrawn, no later Offer submitted by the same Offeror may be for a higher price. If the lowest Responsive Offer is withdrawn after the Closing date and time, the City may cancel the Solicitation or reopen the Solicitation to all pre-

existing Offerors by giving notice to all pre-existing Offerors of both the new Opening date and time and the new Closing date and time. Notice that Electronic Solicitation will be reopened must be given as specified in the Solicitation Document.

C.  Failure of the Electronic Procurement System.  In the event of a failure of the Electronic Procurement System that interferes with the ability of Offerors to submit Offers, protest, or to otherwise meet the requirements of the Procurement, the City may cancel the Solicitation or may extend the Solicitation by providing notice of the extension immediately after the System becomes available.