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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Garbage Collection

man putting garbage in gray roll cart

Curbside Garbage Collection

  • Standard garbage service includes every other week pickup. You have options! Contact your garbage and recycling company to change service to fit your household’s needs. Learn more about service options.
  • Containers at the curb by 6 a.m. Empty containers should be removed from curb within 24 hours. Set out an extra garbage container or bag on your collection day for a $5 fee. Learn more about container set-out.
  • Don’t over pack your garbage container. Contents must fall out easily. Weight limits vary per container size, and are set for the safety of the driver.
  • Do not dispose of hazardous products in your garbage container. Learn how to dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Landlords are required to provide garbage and recycling service for tenants. Read our frequently asked questions for more information
  • Never forget garbage week! Visit for schedule information and convenient email reminders.

Preparing Your Garbage

Garbage refers to household items which cannot be recycled or composted through the Residential Curbside Collection Service.

Put these items in the garbage

YES! Garbage includes:
Coffee cups and lids, paper plates, take-out food wrappers and containers, drink cups and straws, utensils (paper, plastic and “compostable” items), frozen food packaging and microwave meal boxes and trays, plastic “clamshells”, plastic caps and lids, plastic bags and film wrappers, facial tissue, painted or stained wood, plywood, incandescent light bulbs, garden hoses, extension cords, snow tire chains and holiday lights.

 Garbage items that need special preparation

YES! With special preparation:
BAG FIRST - Broken glass, diapers, cat litter, feminine hygiene products, ashes, sawdust, and packaging peanuts must be bagged before placing in the garbage container.
COOKING OIL, KITCHEN FATS, GREASE: These should be collected in sealed container before placing in the garbage.

NO! These items do not belong in the garbage:
Computers, monitors, TVs, compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), hazardous waste, chemicals do not belong in your garbage container. To properly dispose of unwanted electronics, contact Oregon E-Cycles online or call 1-888-532-9253.

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