Home Occupation Permits

Getting Started

Accessory home occupations are activities connected to those uses in the Household Living Category of the Portland Zoning Code. There are two types of home occupations, Type A and Type B. 

Type A Home Occupations do not need a permit but must comply with the Home Occupation Regulations.

A Type A home occupation is one where the residents use their home as a place of work; however, no employees or customers come to the site. Examples include artists, crafts people, writers and consultants. Type A home occupations also provide an opportunity for a home to be used as a business address but not as a place of work.

A Type B Home Occupation Permit:

A Type B home occupation is one where the residents use their home as a place of work, and either one employee or customers come to the site. Examples are counseling, tutoring, and hair cutting and styling. A Type B home occupation permit is not allowed:

  1. When a residence has an accessory dwelling unit
  2. When there is another Type B Home Occupation permitted for the residence
  3. For repairing or assembling vehicles, lawn mowers or large appliances
  4. When there is a Type A Accessory Short Term Rental

Applying For My Permit

  1. Fill out the Type B Home Occupation Permit Application
  2. Notify your neighbors and your neighborhood association that you plan to start a home business
  3. Return your completed application and a copy of your neighborhood notification with the fee listed on the application to:

Compliance Services & Neighborhood Inspections
Bureau of Development Services
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 5000
Portland, OR 97201-5379

Plan Review Process

Your application will be reviewed and inspected by a City of Portland zoning inspector who will visit your business to make sure the regulations are being met.

Upon approval, a permit will be issued for two years.

Home occupation inspections information.

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