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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Mary Hull Caballero

Promoting open and accountable government


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 130
Portland, OR 97204

Main (503) 823-4082

Council Clerk, Karla Moore-Love


Assistant Council Clerk, Keelan McClymont


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Council Agenda

The Council Agenda is the weekly list of items to come before the City Council. The agenda is available on Friday for the following week's Council meetings.

Individual items to the agenda will be linked as they become available. These items are only a convenience copy and will not reflect any changes made during Council meetings.

Written testimony on agenda items may be sent to the Councll Clerk at

Final Council documents available in Efiles: Council Records link


City Hall  –  1221 SW Fourth Avenue

Council Agenda for October 23, 2019  (printable version)  

WEDNESDAY, 9:30 AM, OCTOBER 23, 2019


 975  Request of Stan Penkin to address Council regarding Code 3.96  (Communication)

 976  Request of Evelyne Moyo to address Council regarding safety issues in the City  (Communication)

 977  Request of Dee White to address Council regarding the failure of the Water Bureau to deliver safe drinking water to its customers  (Communication)

 978  Request of Rachel Davies to address Council regarding Code 3.96  (Communication)

 979  Request of Gloria Bouchor Luzader to address Council regarding houseless pods on N Richmond St in St Johns  (Communication)


 980  TIME CERTAIN: 9:45 AM – Proclaim November 1-2, 2019 to be Day of Dead  (Proclamation introduced by Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Fritz)  30 minutes requested

*981  TIME CERTAIN: 10:15 AM – Authorize $631,321 total in grant funds for the 2019 Cannabis Social Equity Grant Program in the Office of Community & Civic Life (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Eudaly)  45 minutes requested

Item 981 Exhibit A

Item 981 Exhibit B

Item 981 Exhibit C SE Works Inc

Item 981 Exhibit D Hope Pre-Apprentice Program

Item 981 Exhibit E Voz Workers Rights Education Project

Item 981 Exhibit F Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc

Item 981 Exhibit G Metropolitan Public Defender Services Inc

Item 981 Exhibit H Green Hop LLC


Mayor Ted Wheeler

Office of Management and Finance

*982  Pay bodily injury lawsuit of Patricia Barger in the sum of $10,000 involving the Portland Police Bureau  (Ordinance)

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Bureau of Transportation

*983  Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement with Oregon Department of Transportation for the All Roads Transportation Safety Rumble Strips and Conflict Markings Project in the amount of $415,082  (Ordinance)

Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Water Bureau

 984  Authorize an agreement with Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency for the co-location of radio equipment in the amount of $162,000  (Second Reading Agenda 961)

 985  Authorize the Water Bureau to enter into an agreement with the Water Research Foundation, to participate in the Water Environment Research Foundation Project in an amount not to exceed $65,000  (Second Reading Agenda 962)

Commissioner Nick Fish

Bureau of Environmental Services

*986  Authorize the Director of the Bureau of Environmental Services to sign a property deed for Property Line Adjustment 19-141810-PR at 9442 NE 13th Ave and 1313-1315 NE Gertz Rd to create a new parcel  (Ordinance)


Mayor Ted Wheeler

Office of Management and Finance

 987  Accept Guaranteed Maximum Price of $12,762,854 from HP Civil, Inc. for the construction of the Sullivan's Crossing Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Project  (Procurement Report - RFP No. 00001037)  15 minutes requested

 988  Authorize $30 million of revenue bonds for North Macadam Urban Renewal Area  (Second Reading Agenda 966)

Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Water Bureau

 989  Authorize the acquisition of 1.87 acres of real property at 35319 SE Carpenter Ln in the amount of $800,000 to be used for the Bull Run Filtration Project  (Ordinance)  10 minutes requested

Commissioner Nick Fish

Bureau of Environmental Services

*990  Authorize the Director of the Bureau of Environmental Services to execute lease documents for space in Pioneer Tower necessary for bureau operations  (Ordinance)

 991  Amend Public Improvements Code to make requesting and participating in Bureau of Environmental Services administrative reviews more customer-friendly  (Previous Agenda 972; amend Code Chapters 17.32 through 17.39)  10 minutes requested

 992  Authorize the Bureau of Environmental Services to acquire certain permanent and temporary property rights necessary for construction of the SW Capitol Hwy Stormwater Improvements Project No. E10939 through the exercise of the City’s Eminent Domain Authority  (Previous Agenda 973)  15 minutes requested

Parks & Recreation

 993  Accept the Year 4 Report on the $68 million Parks 2014 General Obligation Bond  (Report)  20 minutes requested

Item 993 Report

WEDNESDAY, 2:00 PM, OCTOBER 23, 2019

 994  TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM – Amend the Seismic Design Requirements for Existing Buildings Code related to required placarding and tenant notification for unreinforced masonry buildings and associated timeline and documentation of compliance  (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Hardesty; repeal Ordinance Nos. 189201, 189309, 189399, and 189479; amend Code Chapter 24.85)  30 minutes requested

 995  TIME CERTAIN: 2:30 PM – Create, appoint members, adopt bylaws and authorize the Bureaus of Emergency Management and Development Services to convene an Unreinforced Masonry Building Workgroup  (Resolution introduced by Commissioner Hardesty)  30 minutes requested

THURSDAY, 2:00 PM, OCTOBER 17, 2019



NOTE: “Time Certain” indicates that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time specified. 

Communications items are three minutes each. Regular Agenda items taking longer than five minutes have the time estimate noted next to the item.

The * indicates an emergency ordinance, which takes effect immediately if passed. Non-emergency ordinances require two readings and a 30-day waiting period before taking effect. Resolutions, reports, etc., adopted by Council are effective after adjournment.

The above summary is published by the City Auditor as provided by Section 2-113 of the Charter and Ordinance No. 130672.

Council Chambers is equipped with a sound system for the hearing impaired. Assisted listening devices are available from the Clerk.

The City of Portland will gladly accommodate requests for an interpreter or make other accommodations that further inclusivity. Please make your request at least 72 hours before the meeting to the Council Clerk 503-823-4086. (TTY 503-823-6868).

City Council meetings can be viewed at 

The meetings are also cablecast on CityNet, Portland Community Media television. Watch CityNet on Xfinity Channel 30 and 330 (in HD) and CenturyLink Channels 8005 and 8505 (in HD).

 Mary Hull Caballero

Auditor of the City of Portland 

Testimony is taken on resolutions and ordinances (first reading). To testify, sign up on a testimony sheet as you enter Council Chambers on the day of the meeting. Individuals have 3 minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated at the meeting. Testimony is not taken on communications, second readings, proclamations or presentations in accordance with Code 3.02.040 F. and G. Testimony will be taken on reports at the Presiding Officer’s determination (Code 3.02.040 G.5). Written testimony may be emailed or mailed to the Council Clerk prior to the meeting.

To schedule a communication, email or mail your request to the Council Clerk.

Include your name, contact information, preferred date and a brief description of the subject you will be addressing. For full details, see testimony policies and procedures,

Clerk Email:

Council Clerk Testimony:

US Mail: Council Clerk, 1221 SW Fourth Ave., Room 130, Portland OR  97204

Declaration Required by Lobbyists. Portland City Code 2.12.060 states:  Prior to offering public testimony before City officials, at the beginning of any meetings or phone calls with City officials, or in emails and letters to City officials, a lobbyist must declare which lobbying entity he or she is authorized to represent for that communication.

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Disclaimer: The official agenda including items is on file with the Council Clerk at City Hall. This online copy is for general information only. In the event of a conflict between the online copy and the official hard copy documents on file with the Council Clerk, the official hard copy shall prevail.