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3.96.060 Responsibilities of the Office of Community & Civic Life.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 186216, 187359 and 189078, effective July 18, 2018.) There is hereby established and created an Office of Community & Civic Life which shall consist of a Director and such other employees as the Council may from time to time provide.  In order to facilitate participation and improved communication between the public, Neighborhood Associations, Business District Associations, District Coalitions and the City, the Office of Community & Civic Life shall:

A.  Assist Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions and others in planning and developing programs for public involvement, crime prevention, dispute resolution and budget review;

B.  Act as an information clearinghouse and resource to Neighborhood and Business Associations, other groups and the public;

C.  Notify interested persons of meetings, hearings, elections and other public participation events of the Office of Community & Civic Life neighborhood system;

D.  Enter into, monitor, administer contracts, and memorandums of understanding for Neighborhood Associations through District Coalitions;

E.  Promote and facilitate open communication and notification from City agencies to Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, and Business District Associations, promote and facilitate communication amongst City agencies about public involvement best practices and policy;

F.  Support and promote public involvement within the Neighborhood Association framework;

G.  Adopt and revise such Standards as are deemed necessary for the implementation of this Chapter and for orderly public involvement in City government through Neighborhood Associations and District Coalitions. In so doing, the Office of Community & Civic Life shall seek representation from Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, Business District Associations, diverse community interests, city agencies that engage in considerable public involvement activities, and other interested people as necessary;

H.  Pursuant to the adopted Standards, formally recognize a Neighborhood Association and/or acknowledge a Business District Association.  If a Neighborhood Association or Business District Association fails to meet the minimum requirements of chapter 3.96, the Office of Community & Civic Life may suspend partial or all benefits and may ultimately revoke formal recognition of a Neighborhood Association or acknowledgement of a Business District Association;

I.  Promote, encourage and support diverse and multicultural public involvement;

J.  Establish open and fair grievance procedures for Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, and the Office of Community & Civic Life;

K.  Establish open meetings and public records standards for Neighborhood Associations and District Coalitions;

L.  Administer and enforce City Code Title 18, Noise Control; and

M.  Other duties as assigned to the Office by Council.