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Creating a new zone especially for manufactured and mobile home parks

This project proposes a new residential multi-dwelling base zone for manufactured and mobile home parks. The proposal requires amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Plan Map, Zoning Code (Title 33), Tree Code (Title 11), and the Zoning Map.

The proposed zoning changes will consolidate Manufactured Dwelling Parks (MDPs) into one new base zone in the Multi-Dwelling Residential Chapter (33.120) to create consistent land use regulations for MDPs. 

In line with Portland’s new Comprehensive Plan

Manufactured housing plays a small but important role in the affordable housing market. It is often the housing of last resort for households that are struggling to cope with rising rents. It is also an affordable option for home ownership, as some households own their manufactured home (though not always the land).

The recently adopted 2035 Comprehensive Plan established the importance of MDPs as an affordable housing option. Manufactured dwellings (including mobile homes) in manufactured dwelling parks provide some of Portland’s most affordable housing.

Policy 5.37, mobile home parks. Encourage preservation of mobile home parks as a low/moderate-income housing option. Evaluate plans and investments for potential redevelopment pressures on existing mobile home parks and impacts on park residents and protect this low/moderate-income housing option. Facilitate replacement and alteration of manufactured homes within an existing mobile home park.

There are a few parks that are not rezoned as part of this project because of conflicting land uses. These include a few RV parks, which are considered short-term lodging uses in a commercial zone. One large park (Fox Run) cannot be rezoned as part of this project because it is located in a Prime Industrial Area.

The proposed policy, code and map changes consolidate MDPs into one new base zone in the Multi-Dwelling Residential Chapter (33.120), with development standards (equivalent to the R2 zone) to address the unique nature of MDPs in terms of density, access, setbacks and landscaping requirements.

New Zone: Residential Dwelling Park definition

The Residential Manufactured Dwelling Park (MDP) zone is a low-scale multi-dwelling zone that allows manufactured dwelling parks. Allowed density may be up to 22 units per acre. Allowed housing is manufactured dwellings that are assembled off-site. Units are generally surrounded by vehicle circulation systems, pedestrian pathways and open area, which often results in lower building coverage than other multi-dwelling zones. Development is compatible with low- and medium-density single-dwelling development and multi-dwelling development. Generally, this zoning will be applied on large sites.

Learn more on the Manufactured Dwelling Park Project website.