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14A.60.040 Explosives and Bottle Bombs.

A. The following definitions apply to this Section:

1.  Explosive: any substance or material that on ignition by heat, impact, friction, or detonation will explode with such force as to injure a person or damage property in the immediate vicinity of the explosion.

2. Bottle bomb: any sealed device containing dry ice (CO2) or other chemically reactive substances assembled for the purpose of causing an explosion by chemical reaction.

B. It is unlawful for any personother than a peace officer or member of the armed forces of this State or of the United States acting in the performance of official duty, to possess or have under his or her control an explosive or bottle bomb.

C. This Section does not apply to the possession or use of explosives or bottle bomb by a police officer or member of the armed forces of this State or of the United States, members of regularly organized fire departments while in the performance of their official duties, or where otherwise authorized by Federal Law, Oregon Law, or this Code.