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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the official web site of the City of Portland, Oregon

General Information: 503-823-4000


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204

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Technology Exception Request Templates

Technology requests for non-standard hardware and software not listed in the BTS Technology Standards Directory require an approved exception. The forms available on this page are used to gather the necessary information to submit and evaluate exception requests. DOWNLOAD and complete the required forms as directed below and submit to your BTS Technology  Business Consultant (TBC). Consult with your TBC if you have questions.

It is recommended that exception requests are reviewed by your Bureau Liaison prior to submission. Bureau Liaisons are listed on the TBC document linked above.

What form do I use?

If the solution…

 Forms to complete

…is one of the following typical exceptions

  •   non-standard software installed on a workstation
  •   hardware such as a special purpose workstation (Windows or Mac)
  •   printer or other imaging device
  •   other hardware that may connect to a workstation

Complete the BTS Technology Request Exception Intake Form.

…is one of the following enhancements to standard workstations

  •   upgrading the processor
  •   adding additional RAM memory
  •   adding or upgrading to a larger hard drive
  •   adding an enhanced video card

Complete the SCHSP Hardware Assessment Request form and submit directly to the BTS Helpdesk. No exception is required.

…stores or manipulates data OUTSIDE of the City’s network in the   “cloud” including Software as a Service or web-based applications.

Complete the Hosted Solutions Questionnaire forms – both the vendor   and bureau parts.

...requires hardware devices attached to the network other than a special purpose workstation, printer or imaging device, or standard server.

Complete both of the following


BTS Technology Request Exception Intake Form

BTS Technology Request Intake Form. Version 1.8 7/23/2020.

SCHSP Hardware Assessment Request

Support Center form for requesting enhancements to a standard workstation. Version 1.0 6/5/2019.

Hosted System Questionnaire - Vendor Section

To be completed by the system's contractor. Version 2.2 7/23/2020.

Hosted System Questionnaire - Bureau Section

To be completed by the requesting Bureau. Version 2.2 7/23/2020.

IoT Questionnaire

Internet of Things information to be completed by bureau and contractor. Version 1.1 7/23/2020.