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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

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Manufactured Dwelling Park Project

  • 1990s era development

  • Older mobile housing community

The Portland City Council voted to adopt the Manufactured Dwelling Park Project on August 22, 2018. Copies of the As Adopted report and ordinance are available here.

What is this project about?
The Manufactured Dwelling Park Project creates a new zone only for manufactured dwelling parks. The zoning changes will create consistent development standards for density, access, setbacks and landscaping that are unique to manufactured dwelling parks.

Today, there are roughly 3,000 manufactured homes in 56 manufactured dwelling parks — or MDPs. The zone changes will support continuing mobile home park operations. They will:

  • Resolve nonconforming uses, ensuring the parks will not be converted to other uses such as single or multi-family housing.
  • Increase density at 52 MDPs, providing financial incentives for park owners and allowing more housing units to be created on these sites.
  • Expand density transfers to any other sites outside the Central City, thus monetizing the property even if additional units cannot be supported.
  • Create an affordable housing bonus to incentivize the creation of affordable units.


The City of Portland recognizes the importance of mobile home parks as an affordable housing option. These parks and the housing units in them provide some of most affordable housing in the city.

To help park residents stay in their homes, the Manufactured Dwelling Park (MDP) Project will stabilize the housing situation for people living in manufactured or mobile home parks by creating a new base zone for mobile home parks.

The purpose of this zoning change is to ensure long-term operations of manufactured dwelling parks. It will not force park owners to close parks, and it will not force park owners to raise rents. 

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